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Dirty Slang Dictionary

The Dictionary
Find out what all the dirty slang terms mean.
Bukkake - Showering a person with sperm from one or many men.
Pearl Necklace - Whenever you cum on the neck/cleavage area of a girl - it takes on the look of beautiful jewelry.
Blumpkin - To receive oral sex while defecating.
The David Copperfield (a.ka. The Houdini) - Drill her from behind. Before you shoot your wad, fake it and spit on her back. When she turns around to give you that loving smile and hug, cum in her face. So, it's kind of like an illusion...a sleight of hand...misdirection.
Tossing Salad - Anal oral sex.
Dirty Sanchez - A time honored event in which while laying the bone doggie style, you insert your finger into her asshole. You then pull it out and wipe it across her upper lip leaving a thin shit mustache. This makes her look like someone whose name is Dirty Sanchez.
MILF - Abbreviation for "mother I'd like to fuck".
The Bronco - You start by going doggy style and then just when she is really enjoying it, you grab her tits as tight as possible and yell another girls name. This gives you the feeling of riding a wild bronco as she desperately tries to buck you off.

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Female Specific
Slang for Vagina
Ass mate, Bearded oyster, Beaver, Beef curtains, Bikini bizkit, Cock holster, Cherry pop, Cat flaps, Cha-cha, Chuff, Furburger, Grumble, Hairy goblet (what a knight might drink from), Honey pot, Honeysuckle, Hooch, Hush puppy, Mud flaps, Map of Tassie/Mapatazi (Map of Tasmania), Panty hamster, Passion fruit, Poonany, Quim, Southern belle, Taco (pink), Tongue magnet, Wunder down under, pussy, c*nt, bearded clam

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The little/bald man in the boat, The sugared almond, The remote control (can never find it when you need it), clit, g-spot (some say), clitty, rabbit, love button, Pearltongue (Chiefly black term.)
Labia visible
through clothing
Beetle's bonneto, Camel's toe, Monkey's chin, Shark's fin (swimsuit display), Mumblers (When they can be seen moving through the clothing, but you can't understand a word they are saying.) .
Slang for Menses
(A Woman's Period)
On the rag, Riding the cotton pony, In the shop, Visit from Aunt Flo, Visit from Grandma, She has the painters in, The Cardinals are at home (can use any sports team with red uniforms), Chasing the cotton mouse

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Slang for Breasts
Boobs, Chi Chi's, Cans, Fun bags, Hoopdie hoops, Knockers, jugs, watermelons, rack, the twins, Milk Shakers, Angel Cakes, Balloons, Apples, Bangles, Bassoons, Baubles, Bazongas, Bazooms, Beacons,

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Female Masturbation

Beat the Beaver, Polishing the Pearl, Carpet Bumping, Cat Got Tongue, Checking for Squirrels, , Cleaning your Fingers, Pussy Soccer, Jillin' Off, Spearing the Bearded Clam, rub the clit, fingering, , jilling off, vibrate the vag, slip 'n' slide, soap it up, , pet the kitty, stroke the cat, powder your nose, tickle your fancy, self-service, finger-bang,

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Male Specific

Slang for Penis
Beef bayonet,Peter, Blue-veined piccolo, Bologna pony, One-eyed monster, winkie, sausage, johnson, ding-a-ling, whanger, tubthumper, ding dong, flesh rocket, pocket rocket, shaboinka, white snake, one-eyed snake, one eyed willy, tally wacker, purple katana, yogurt slinger, trouser hound, magic wand, Wiener, love nozzle, shaft of life, throbbing muscle of love, mommy-daddy button, magic stick, Russell The One-Eyed Muscle, one-eyed wonder weasel, Tally Whacker, Poker, Buzz Saw, Bone Sausage, Sperm Needle, Skin Pole, Kick-Stand, Horn Pecker, Launch Tower, Fuel Injector, Ski Pole, Woodrow,

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Male Masturbation
Butter Your Corn, Crank the Shank, Cuff the Carrot, Five Knuckle Olympics, Grease the Pipe, Jerk Off, One Man Tug-O-War, Play the Organ, Polish the Rocket, Pound Off, beat the meat, stroke it, stroke, stroke off, choke your chicken, wax the dolphin, choke the bishop, wax the rod, change gears, walk the dog, onanism, spank the monkey, pocket pool (through the clothing), play the upright organ, bleed the serpent, pull the peter, plug the mellon, polish the purple helmet, tickling the turkey, polish the wand, Chisel The Carrot,

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Cum, Baby gravy, Cupid's toothpaste, Gentleman's relish, Human bonding fluid, Man chowder, Population paste, Spooge, Jiz, That tasty non-dairy treat, milk, wad, load, man juice, juice, penis butter, nut, boy fluid, 10cc, lovin' spoon full, man sugar, manthrax, protein smoothie, baby batter, yogurt, cum pop, jizzles, jizz-o-frizz, penis pudding, man mayonaise, population paste, man gravy, milk of mankind, liquid kids, love paste, dong water, man seed, man-naise, pweack, children seeds, dork wax, peckeroo paste, penial seasoning, grime, spag, spaj, diet jelly, breast icing, creamy mouthwash, creamy cough syrup, face cream, jism, spunk

Sex Slang
Doing the nasty, Hide the salami,bone, get some, get down, rock, ball, ride, rut, shag, bonk, boink, makin' bacon, bump uglies, horizontal hokey pokey, stir the macaroni, puttin' on the ritz, nooner (if at mid-day), hide the salami, ride the baloney pony, dork, rail, hit-in, horizontal mambo, Ride The Horsey, Loading The Cargo, Sink The Ship, Plant Your Tree, Play Ball, Foo-Foo, Downloading Your Software, Rocking The Boat, The Old In-And-Out, Hit The Bull's-Eye
(Oral Sex on women)
Airing the orchid, Carpet munching, Gamahuche, Growl at the badger (to make noise while performing), Impersonate Stalin, Muff diving, Yodel in the canyon (to make noise while performing), Go down on, Eat her out

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(Oral Sex on men)
Address the court, Blow the horn, Blow The Whistle, Gobble gobble, Give a hummer, Speak into the mike, Polish the knob, Meeting with Mr. One-Eye, Play the pink oboe, Yaffle the yogurt cannon (voracious technique), blowjob, giving head, Go down on, suck dick, play the skin flute, hum job, , smoke the pole, eat cheese, talk on the bonophone, speak into the flesh-microphone, bop, oralgamie, oralize, licker, give brain, suck the ice cream, go downtown, feed the calf, Penile Tonsil Hockey, Blow Your Top,
Anal Sex
Bone smuggling, Driving the Hershey highway, Enter through the back door, Plowing the back field, Beef curtains, Gardening uphill, Goin' to brown town, taking it in the ass, pooper sex, backdoor banging, go in the back door, salad toss, butt slam, ride the hershey highway, butt darts, penetrate the poop chute, rimming, anal-ize, anal intruder, mud your turtle, poo stab, corn hole, fudge pack, bum stuff, arse stab, anal invasion, shoveling mud, enter the exit-door, take the dirt road, F*ck The Brown Hole, stuffed butt, Tail Piping, Sweep The Chimney, donut making

Bats for the other team, Travels on the other bus, Homo, Queer, Fag, Faggit, queen, pillow biter, unstraight,fruit cake, grindle packer, bunger, tail gunner, butt pirate, flamer, ass clown, ass bandit, butt bunny,rump ranger, back door bandit, arse bandit, meat browner, Pink Teamer

Male Terms:
Bone smuggler,Double adapter, Fart knocker, Sneaky butcher (he slides the meat in the back door)

Female Terms:
Lickalotopus, Rug Doctor, Dyke, Vagitarian

Special Terms:
Beard -- Woman married to a (supposedly) gay man to help keep him closeted. I.E. Nicole Kidman, formerly.
Frock -- Male equivalent of a beard, also "lavender marriage". See Richard Gere for Cindy Crawford, if you believe the hype.

Losing Virginity
Landing the Martian Probe on Venus, Flunking out of Starfleet Academy, Taking Fornication for $1000, Alex, Attending the Bush Inaugural Ball, Getting the VIP Tour at Neverland, Taking the NasTea Plunge, Removing the Training Wheels From the Piecycle

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Misc. Slang
Slang for Farting
Anal announcement, Float an air biscuit, One-cheek sneak (leaning to the side), Release a tree monkey from captivity, Room clearer, Silent but deadly (SBD), Shooting bunnies, Step on a duck., To speak German, Under-thunder

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Slang for Poo
Admiral Browning, Build a log cabin, Burial at sea (stately delivery, I.E. w/o splashing), Bury a Quaker, Clumsy brown trout (splashes upon entry), Chocolate shark (larger and fiercer than the brown trout), Chocolate iceberg, Droppin' a deuce, Drop the kids off at the pool, Drop the Huxtables at the pool (Re: The Cosby Show), Knit a brown sweater, Lay cable, Montezuma's Revenge, Put Nelson on the train (Mandela), Three-coiler (impressively long)

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